Duffey Petrosky

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Duffey Petrosky is the full-service marketing communications agency where the only thing that matters is finding and implementing “the right answer.”

This commitment -- to our clients and their needs -- is the very core of our agency. It’s the result of an incredibly accomplished leadership team that came together with the goal of doing things differently, better and, ultimately, more powerfully for clients and their needs.
And we have.

Getting to “the right answer” is not easy. It demands a rejection of the status quo, the expected solution, the template approach. “The right answer” is often surprising -- and often at odds with what we might expect or believe, even our professional knowledge and experience. “The right answer” requires a rigorous yet adaptable process to support it, and the openness to understand when we’ve found it.

Making “the right answer” come to life requires a deep expertise. We believe that just “an answer” has very little value. The “right answer” demands even more -- the capabilities to bring it to life through expert creative, communications, media and executional skills, and the know-how to implement and sustain it in the marketplace.