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  • Tesla Under Fire: PR Pros Offer Tips for Agency-Averse CompanyAutomaker's fire issues may be statistically insignificant, but media can't get enough.
  • How the NFL Turned Its Draft Into the 'McRib' of Sporting Events...the most robust league," said Ernest Lupinacci, founder of branding consultancy Ernest Industries. "They announced the [2013 regular season] schedule and people went crazy. It...
  • Fenton, MoveOn Form Democratic 'Tuesday Team'...a former Wieden & Kennedy and Anomaly creative who is head of Ernest Industries and a consultant for Google; Bennett McCarroll, Grey Advertising's senior VP...
  • Gold's: Hasta La Vista, Musclemen...ESPN and Nike accounts and is now the creative director of Ernest Industries, New York. "There's a distinction between your gesture and your aesthetic...
  • Why A-B Is King of 'USA Today's' Puffed-Up PollNEW YORK ( -- The eagerly awaited, oft-quoted and rarely investigated USA Today Ad Meter, the day-after-Bowl scorecard based on the opinions of average Joes, has in its 18 years grown into the single most commonly cited gauge of an ad's success or failure. It actually shapes how ads are crafted and tested and how agencies are rewarded -- even which products are promoted. And, most striking for a business that struggles with how to explain its worth, it's the de facto measurement of Super Bowl return on investment -- one utterly out of proportion to its value.