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Expion is a content marketing and relationship platform that helps brands such as Coca-Cola, Mondelez, Hilton and iHeartRadio increase their effectiveness and lower the cost of managing social content and customer relationships. Expion enables marketers to gain more integration, control and speed in meeting the increasing demands of both their customers and organizations by providing:

Discover, create and distribute content that’s more engaging, more timely and less costly to produce through an interface that curates the best social content across brands, regions, consumers and competitors through a scoring engine powered by custom KPIs.

A customizable, easy-to-navigate interface integrates content discovery, planning, publishing, moderating and analytics within a single architecture that scales across enterprises, providing marketers with the right balance of agility and governance to manage even the most complex social relationships.

From branded custom reportings to executive dashboards, permission-based distribution of real-time analytics enables users from across the company to leverage the social data they need to influence content creation and operations, support customer service and provide insights.

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