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Our driving philosophy is quite simple. We work to transform both your sales and customer experience, transcending the status quo of your industry or category. The result is richer customer engagement, deepened loyalty, reduced operational cost and accelerated revenue growth.

It has been said that you can define who you are by stating who you are not. We are not a business strategy firm. We are not an advertising or branding agency. We are not an information technology company. Yet we draw on all three of these disciplines to design Customer Resonance in what has been traditionally called Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Most CRM implementations fail. We think that is a shame. The technology has been around for over a decade and the platform is mature. We’re here to change that statistic. CRM failures have much less to do with incapable technology, but rather flaws in the strategy (or the lack thereof), the ownership (or the lack thereof), the expectations or the implementation approach. We believe this is due to a technology based approach to CRM. CRM is not a technology, it is a belief, it is a mindset, and it is a pervasive, disruptive and positive transformation that can be enabled through technology.

We founded Frequency Foundry with the idea of combining a left-brain technical approach with a right-brain creative perspective to form a holistic view to designing business development and customer strategies.