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A top-five communications network that has fueled some of the industry’s most powerful blockbusters, ghg was one of the earliest pioneers in healthcare brand building. From household names to specialty consumer products, we have blazed new trails in creating big ideas that work across media, audiences and even continents to build strong brand differentiation. Our inventive thinking and dedicated customer service have attracted an expanding and diversified range of clients, including 14 of the top-15 healthcare companies.

Whatever your audience, we know their language -- and understand which media reach them and which messages influence their thinking and shape their behaviors. In addition, we facilitate the conversations among them, partnering across segments to drive improved health and business outcomes.

We also know that lines between countries are blurring, as we form one digitally-connected healthcare dialect. That’s why we were the first communications company to create a single, global organization, providing seamless strategies, service and solutions around the world. Today, we call on a worldwide network of 43 offices in 22 countries to give you the best combination of global reach and influence with local knowledge and support.

As healthcare marketers, we live in a turbulent landscape, rocked by radical change. We operate in a dramatically different world today, re-shaped by new