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HYPEBEAST, a lifestyle magazine that features the latest in men's fashion, art, design and music.

HYPEBEAST was launched in January of 2005 as a media platform originally catering towards the world of sneakers and streetwear. Borne out of a frustration in finding aggregated information, the creation of HYPEBEAST has subsequently created a unified outlet for all the latest and relevant news in the world of men’s fashion.

Since its inception, HYPEBEAST has grown leaps and bounds from its humble beginnings to a highly-trafficked and well-respected news platform. Beyond the front page news blog; HYPEBEAST has diversified itself to include features and interviews that profile designers and brands; a full-fledged video platform offering a unique cinematic outlook; a guest blogger section that features the lives and insights of industry insiders and finally a community where users can interact and connect.

Attracting a vast and diverse readership from around the globe, HYPEBEAST boasts over 5 million visitors a month and over 35 million page views per month, HYPEBEAST is the premier destination for men’s fashion and culture on the web.

HYPEBEAST's editorial is further enhanced through its online video presence dedicated to creating impactful stories through HYPEBEAST's own stylized vision, the video platform will provide a further dimension to some of the most interesting and compelling stories within fashion and culture.