Imported Artists

  • 171 East Liberty St
  • Ste 246
  • Toronto, ON M6K 3P6
  • 416-971-5915

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  • Kissin' Corolla...him." The spots, directed by Erich Joiner out of Toronto's Imported Artists, premiered during consecutive commercial breaks during the season premiere of The Bachelor...
  • Obvious management...But after approaching Christina Ford, owner and president of Toronto-based Imported Artists Film Co., which represents international directorial talent for Canada, the two brainstormed...
  • Bud Light: Bug Heavy...ACD/AD: Brad Morgan Agency Producer: Marianne Newton Director: Lemoine.Miller/@radical media/Imported Artists, Toronto Editor: David Baxter/Panic & Bob, Toronto Music: Scandal Music
  • Dress for Duress...David Chiavegato, Ben Weinberg Agency Producer: Bev Cornish Directors: Lemoine.Miller/Imported Artists/"Sweater"), David Kellogg/Steam Films/Anonymous Content ("Counselor") Editor: David...
  • Air Walk...Jonathan Cude Agency Producer: Shannon Worley Director: Gregor Nicholas/ Artists, Toronto Editor: Peter Wiedensmith/Joint Editorial Effects: Method Studios Music: Jeff Elmassian...