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  • People on the Move: Starcom Names Mark Pavia Exec VP-Digital Managing Director...he led the rebranding of the shop's media arm as Ingenuity Media Group, creating planning systems, supporting new business growth and evolving the internal...
  • Bargains Abound in Media Abandoned by Weak SectorsNEW YORK ( -- Media buyers hesitate to drool, of course, but these days it's nearly impossible to keep the saliva from flowing. Thanks to the economy, nearly every type of media can be had for a relative bargain. And media outlets will turn somersaults to keep money flowing through the door.
  • Razorfish Announces Executive Promotions...selected Mark Pavia , former president of the agency's media arm, Ingenuity Media Group, to serve as the agency's first director-innovation. Mr. Pavia...
  • Who's Most Likely to Buy Your Brand?NEW YORK ( -- When he was one of the industry's top media-buying executives, Jon Mandel needed the equivalent of a rifle to target consumers, but all he had was a bazooka. Now he's gone from pressing the industry for better data to measure the effectiveness of commercials to building the rifle himself.
  • New Metrics Give 'Credit Where Due'The online ad industry grew up around a "last ad" measurement model, which meant the credit for a consumer conversion went to the last ad a consumer clicked or viewed before the conversion. A byproduct of that was the ads a consumer saw leading up to that "last ad" were deemed worthless. New success metrics take a more holistic look at all the ads a consumer encounters along the path to conversion.