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At Jacobs & Clevenger, the application of data and behavior is the foundation for successful marketing. We haven’t forgotten that human to human interactions are what marketing is all about. Data insights tell stories that inform everything that J&C does. But, data points are really people. And, people are a brands audience, prospects or customers with needs or pain points to be addressed.

J&C has the expertise to shepherd customers through buyer journeys and customer lifecycles, delivering relevant outcomes to clients at every stage. J&C does this by crafting programs that help organizations to engage prospects; build meaningful, customized relationships; increase customer lifetime value and deliver revenue growth. The success of these solutions are supported by clear performance measures, well defined metrics and applicable key performance indicators.

But for a different perspective, ask our clients. They’ll tell you that J&C is their agency because our approach is decidedly more action-oriented and accountable. Our communications are aimed at engaging prospects and customers. And, creating inventive customer experiences.