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Koupon Media helps marketers and advertisers deliver mobile offers that grow sales. Koupon is the industry leading mobile offer platform and redemption network, powering offers for some of the world's largest brands and retailers. 

Koupon enables retailers and brands to create, manage and deliver highly targeted, hyperlocal mobile offers to individuals through sophisticated segmentation. Marketers and advertisers are  able to link their advertisements to unique and redeemable incentives, increasing campaign performance, and ultimately increase sales for the brand or retailer. Marketers and advertisers are able to centralize the omnichannel delivery of mobile offers, segmentation of consumers, setup and activation of geofencing, and rich campaign performance reporting and analytics. 

Retailers and brands can optimize offer-to-purchase conversion specific to store locations through actionable insight along the path to purchase, from offer delivery all the way to store-specific offer redemption.  

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