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LatCor Media owns and operates digital platform that covers ALL travel-plazas in the entire State of New Jersey.  Over 150+ Million people each year visit these plazas, operating 24/7/365.  With over 72 screens total, with four screens at each plaza, the visitors are immersed in our content.  ALL major roadway are covered, including NJ Turnpike, Garden State Parkway and AC Expressway!

This is a total NJ-State "takeover" that uniquely covers the incredibly busy Northeast region corridor auto, bus, and truck traffic.

We can deploy content to the entire state, region or even specific plaza.  If desired, we can provide a secure portal to manage content real-time and switch in/out clients directly as needed.  With an average 15 minutes dwell time and 4 independent large screens in each plaza - this venue provides a unique channel to address travelers.  

Rest Plazas Visitors represent a diverse demographic that includes commuters, leisure travelers, professional drivers, and ample bus traffic - thus providing opportunity to target these groups with both static and video digital content.