Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

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  • 11-75
  • CPG
  • Pharma/healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Media
  • PR
  • Digital
  • Full-service Creative


We specialize in the successful commercialization and launch of new brands and new products, and the reinvigoration of brands so they live up to their full potential. In business 36 years, we’ve customized our entire operation (methods, talent, affiliates, workspace, business model) to reliably deliver.

Our extensive launch experience includes marketers from the Fortune 100 to VC infused Start-Ups. Our psychology-infused insights and go-to-market expertise de-risk initiatives and increase odds of success. Across you can experience our thought leadership plus Clio and Effie winners, even an O’Toole.

Member 4A’s and TheNetworkOne. Ad Age 2014 Small Agency of the Year-

Great living enables LSBers to focus on the serious business of jumpstarting brands. From an intellectually stimulating city the BBC named one of the world's 5 great university towns, our office overlooks the State Capitol on an isthmus jam-packed with James Beard Award winning restaurants, a Farmer's Market Saveur calls exceptional, live music and more.

Want to join us?

• Marsha Lindsay, CEO
• Rick Stone, EVP, Chief Brand Strategist
• Phil Ouellette, President & COO
• Julie Herfel, EVP, Director of Creative Operations
• Bill Winchester, EVP, Chief Creative Officer
• Amy Rohn, SVP, Director of Public Relations
• Todd LaBeau, VP of