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Little Minx has defined itself as a premiere production company to foster creative growth. Our roster of filmmakers includes some of the industry’s most prolific and acclaimed directors. Specializing in commercials, award-winning short films, branded content, feature films, and high-profile music videos.

We collaborate with directors on a global scale and have been proud to work with some of the most inspiring voices in filmmaking. We strive to be different and pride ourselves on operating as a company that works more as talent managers than a mere producing entity who just churns out content. We are continuously looking for creatively inspiring projects that further our director’s style and vision.

Our directors have won CLIOs, Gold Lions, and Academy Awards. With clients including Lexus, Pepsi, Rimmel, BBC, Audi, Nike, Guinness, and Ubisoft, we continuously take on new campaigns with a commitment to stellar, memorable work that drives results.

By partnering up with top agencies such as CAA, WME, UTA and ICM, we are currently developing feature films, and taking our director’s careers to the next level.