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LookBook is the go-to directory for top marketers, agencies, media companies and ad-tech firms in the advertising industry. As a product of Advertising Age and Creativity, LookBook ensures your company’s valuable information doesn’t exist in a silo, but is instead embedded within the content brand executives already read each day. LookBook is the first tool in the industry to integrate a directory product into top premium content sites.

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  • Happy Sisterhood Day -- And Why Brands Are Celebrating in China...have a special day Baileys can own," she said. At a live marketing event last week in Shanghai, young guests sipped Baileys and nibbled at...
  • Accelerate your marketing in 2013! one else, we will be hosting our second Digital Edge LIVE marketing conference in San Francisco. This event will offer a full day of...
  • Event expectations"One of our conference speakers called us to say she couldn’t attend,” a publisher told me over lunch recently.
  • You Can Hire Based on Beauty -- Within ReasonIt's no secret that marketers often consider the appearance of an ad agency's employees to be one indicator of how their accounts will be handled. As a result, successful people in the industry have learned to be image-conscious. These unwritten codes have led some agencies to question whether to apply them in a hiring situation. Can agencies really use appearance as a criterion in selecting employees? Yes. But they must walk a thin line.
  • Laura Shuler...Worldwide Ms. Shuler's team of 375 is constantly executing complex live-marketing extravaganzas not just in the U.S. but around the world. There...