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McMURRY/TMG is a new breed of agency -- they don’t think of content marketing as just content distribution in real time, but rather as audience development and activation. It’s about obsessing over an audience, and understanding what their day-to-day lives look like and then determining how your organization can bring unique value.

Their approach to creating content that generates value, builds trust and credibility, and ultimately grows and activates a brand’s audience:

The I/O Content Method: This is McMURRY/TMG’s system for understanding supply and demand of attention in each specific niche. We developed it through 30 years of experience understanding audience segments, analyzing the cultural and competitive landscapes, immersing ourselves in brands and creating content strategies that serve as the connective tissue between companies and their customers.

Content Velocity: This is McMURRY/TMG’s adaptive strategy in action: a feedback loop-based system of insight development, content creation, distribution and measurement. In short, it’s the engine that helps a brand have a meaningful presence at the gateways of content discovery.

Return on Content: This is our accountability philosophy, promise and guarantee. McMURRY/TMG establishes measurement mechanisms at the start of every program, and we synthesize performance analytics from a variety of sources into easy-to understand reports that contain not just data (the what)