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Media Framework was established in 1999 to focus on providing the advertising and marketing industry with analysis of each local market to assist them in gaining a better understanding of what makes each market unique and allowing them to make more informed decisions.

Media Framework has developed two web-based platforms. The first is Snapshots Market Profiles which aggregates multiple sources of national and local market research for 210 DMA’s providing demographics, lifestyle, media, consumer, retail and general market information including DMA and MSA coverage maps. The second is M.A.V.E.N which provides users with detailed media entities by ownership, affiliation and personnel. Agencies can point, click and drill down for answers that help media departments make timely, insightful decisions that save time and leads to a more productive workforce. M.A.V.E.N. can also manage vendor files of media outlets purchased by clients and is alerted when new vendor files are created so they can be researched, categorized and then tracked, keeping planners abreast of what’s new. Media outlets may also register new offerings via web-based MAVEN registry. In addition, we also capture when media properties cease publication or go off the air as well as researching the start dates of existing media. The result is the industry’s first all Media timeline-from the first newspaper to the latest mobile advertising opportunity.