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About is a cloud-based solution to create interactive rich media ads for the mass market.

It is a white-label SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for ad agencies, brands, advertisers or marketers to easily create banner ads in HTML5.

Traditionally, interactive rich media ads in HTML5 are reserved for large agencies and big brands with big budgets. We are democratizing this industry with our solution, so that smaller players are also able to compete on a level playing field, using interactive ads.”

Agencies & ad networks are able to completely white-label MobileAds’ HTML5 ad creator under their own brand. The suite also comes with a powerful ad server and a private-label analytics dashboard.

Using the solution, agencies can traffic ads on all 3 platforms: in-apps, mobile and desktop web.

The self-service solution equips agencies to build highly-engaging ads and embed interactive components inside these banners. These components include HTML5 videos, e-commerce, store locator, click-to-call, contact form and social media walls and many more.

We have also integrated into the digital advertising ecosystem by partnering with all global major real-time bidding and programmatic ad exchanges, networks, Demand Side Platforms, etc. Our ad server and ad tags are fully certified in all the traffic sources, including Google GDN, AdX, Mopub, Smaato, and many more.