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People are no longer satisfied with simply "hearing" a brand's message; now it's the actual experiences we have with a brand that define its relevance��"emotionally, socially and when it's time to buy. That's why Momentum Worldwide helps brands imagine, create, curate and manage their Total Brand Experience.

From the screens you watch, to the registers you pay at, to your Facebook, to your actual conversations, to the concerts you go to, we put brands there in a way that’s different and entertaining. We integrate sponsorship, shopper, design, technology, social, promotions, PR, digital and entertainment and more ��" in a total brand experience for the modern consumer.

Quite simply, our job is to help brands flourish ��" and we do this as one global agency (within the IPG family of agencies) with more than 30 offices around the world ��" all of us working together, eager to invent, challenge the norm and set the world on fire. news