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  • Sound Strategy: Brands Match Their Attributes to AudioCompanies can map a new dimension of identity if they look beyond jingles, licensed songs.
  • Only You Can Prevent Music-Licensing Disasters...s going to be a deciding factor in what piece of music works for you. The sooner you face the challenges of your music budget...
  • Would You Like to Be a Pepper Too, Axl Rose?NEW YORK ( -- Recently, two executives at Cadbury Schweppes were playing "Guitar Hero III" at work and began pondering how cool it would be if Axl Rose finally released a new album. What happened next will probably serve as a case study for how a well-placed press release can drum up tons of media coverage. Axl even responded and said the album would be done before the end of the year.
  • CEO Creates Music Experiences for Brands and BandsLOS ANGELES -- Rob Goldberg, founder and CEO of Gold Marketing Group, produces branded-entertainment events and projects for marketers, including the Target Red Room, a series of exclusive concert after-parties for musicians and their friends, family and fans, sponsored by the retailer. He discusses how experiential marketing through music helps to achieve an emotional connection with consumers.
  • Two's Company: The Return of Tomandandy...and we're really interested in trying to figure out how music works creatively in that space. Tom: Andy's being a little modest, if...