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North is an independent advertising agency that earns fans for good brands with creativity and truth. We work in a big, open, light-filled space in beautiful Portland, Oregon, designed for smart, curious people to do their best work, collaborate, grow, have fun, and be kind to each other.

We do our best work with companies and brands that add real value to people's lives. We trust in human nature and that keeps us honest and our work relevant. Our culture is driven by the culture around us and our deep love affair with creativity. We look to things like music (a unifying human language if there ever was one), tech, entertainment and entrepreneurial communities to shape our ever-evolving, unique processes of making advertising (or whatever it's called today).

But these are all means to an end, which is to create positive results for our clients. We've found this comes a lot easier when we truly believe in the people and companies with whom we work.