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Qf is the renaissance firm for the modern marketplace.

We are poised in an era where disruption is no longer optional, but inevitable. Founded in early 2012, Qf was initially engaged in ad-hoc intelligence analysis with private and government partners, and created a proprietary algorithm for predictive analytics that was vetted by DARPA. After dissolving the project, Qf's founder, Louis D. LoPraeste, continued to advise multinational agencies, investment professionals and c-suite executives.

Qf now operates in a fully integrated model comprised of quantitative skills, strategic insight and dynamic communication methodologies.

Our clients range from venture capital firms, to brand strategy agencies and consumers, to applied high-tech start-ups. For some, we can assist in business planning and raising capital, while for others, we may re-tool your brand strategy, capture and engage the versatile investor or consumer, adjust your org-chart, or even pivot with you to an entirely new way of doing business.

Qf has the mature acumen and sophisticated expertise to work on all fronts, to assist you in growth, strategy, and development.