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  • What to Look for at This Year's CES and in 2012...focused, in part, on tablets. Apple leads the charge, followed, in random order, by HP, Sony, Samsung and others. At some point in 2012, a...
  • Even More of This Year's Best Ad Songs...the cut. Here are 10 runners-up, in honest-to-goodness random order: Hot Chip's "The Beach Party" for Volvo Beirut's "Scenic World...
  • Viacom to Start Measuring Audience Viewing Second-by-SecondNEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Viacom is looking seriously at the ways it organizes its commercial breaks, and MTV Networks, its main cable unit, is the first to take concrete steps to do so. MTV Networks has signed a deal to start using second-by-second audience data from TNS Media Research, which will help executives monitor viewer behavior during specific moments within ad breaks.
  • Electronic Media: Altering Our IntelligenceNEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- "Electronic media make you stupid. It's a common refrain we hear from educators, critics and barstool philosophers. And they're not entirely wrong," argues Scott Johnson, former executive creative director at Tribal DDB. "Some very useful portions of our brains have, in fact, been sucked into the cathode-ray tubes in our living rooms. Others have disappeared into a mysterious, unreachable place at the far end of our ethernet cables. The media-induced diminution of human intelligence is very real. The good news for those of us in the advertising industry is that, slowly, an entirely new form of intelligence is being born to replace it."
  • ACTV, Random/Order to develop ITV advertising solutionsRandom/Order, a provider of interactive TV services, partnered with ACTV, an interactive TV software developer, to assist advertising agencies and network operators in the...