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  • Is Gay Too Mainstream for Its Own Media?You tune into a cable network and peruse the roster: a reality show about a child beauty queen, a pop-culture review and a canine-makeover series. No, this isn't TLC or Oxygen, but Logo, Viacom's LGBT-focused cable channel.
  • AFA CHAIRMAN WINS PR BATTLES BUT NOT WAR AGAINST GAY ADSCINCINNATI (AdAge.com) -- The American Family Association crowed last week over its latest victory against a cowed corporate marketer. But the conservative group's claimed triumphs can also be viewed as slick bits of marketing that yield few genuine policy changes and seem crafted more to appease the AFA so it moves on to its next target.
  • FORD RESUMES ADVERTISING IN GAY PUBLICATIONS...in 2004, the majority was by dealers, not corporate, according to Rivendell Media, a Mountainside, N.J., firm that specializes in buys in gay and...
  • Wildmon wins PR battles, but not his gay-ads war...when the company launched Crest Whitestrips, said Todd Evans, CEO of Rivendell Media, Mountainside, N.J., which specializes in buying gay and lesbian media and...