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  • 11-75
  • Business-to-business
  • Travel/hospitality
  • Video
  • Branded content
  • Ad Creation
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School of Thought is a creative agency with a conscience. Together, we have years of experience working at some of the world’s best (and worst) shops. We’ve learned from these experiences, the good and the bad, to create School of Thought - where quality and people come first, and bureaucracy and layers don’t come at all.

Our job is simple: help businesses we believe in succeed.

This explains why we're full-service. We've evolved from a two-man creative boutique to a 15-person team of experts, providing strategy, advertising, branding, media, and video production all under one roof to ensure everything works cohesively. There is no B-team, and we'll tell you what you need to hear - not just what you want to hear.

You see, we were born with an odd defect: the accountability gene. Rare in creatives. Nearly unheard of in advertising.

And the secret to our success, since the day we were founded, in 2008.