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A creative agency.

The Simple Syrup concept was conceived many years ago when Execuitve Director, Vernon Reid, owned an extremely successful creative production company in Los Angeles, FUEL. During their 10+ years, Vernon’s team successfully delivered award winning campaigns for Target, Nike, The Cartoon Network, Showtime, Gatorade, and Coca Cola. They won and were nominated for multiple Emmy’s, and were published in dozens of art books.

Vernon dreamed of a larger idea yet a Simple one, to form a full service creative agency with a social and environmental conscience, and a focus on the future and the larger message. Four years ago, he opened Simple Syrup, a HUB and SDBE certified company located in North Carolina.

Today the team is rooted in its commitment to delivering effective messages for such client’s as CMCU, Durham County, The Hayti Heritage Center, and CommonWealth One. Their talents include marketing strategy, concepting, writing, design, direction and production, video editing, motion graphic animation, 3D animation, audio direction, print design and execution, web design and development, social media strategy and media planning. Their work has ranged from TV, Web, Social Media, Radio, Print and direct response campaigns to corporate documentaries and promotional videos.

In 2012, Simple Syrup’s work was honored to be included in Germany’s Gutenberg Museum.