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SimpleReach is a content measurement and distribution platform that helps marketers drive content ROI at scale. Content marketers can no longer be successful by simply creating content; they need to invest in getting it seen by the right audience and measuring its impact. Brands, agencies and publishers use SimpleReach’s end-to-end solution to measure and intelligently distribute content, then retarget audiences across the most efficient channels to drive the highest ROI for their businesses.

Whether they’re looking for engagement, purchases, sign-ups, installations or any other KPI, marketers can track and measure all their brands’ content while using the paid distribution platform to amplify what performs best. SimpleReach is partnered with leading publishers, such as The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Forbes and The Atlantic, allowing marketers to measure and distribute not only their owned content, but also native advertising campaigns across publications, from a single place. SimpleReach has also created the first content-driven retargeting platform, so marketers can build ongoing relationships with readers who engage with content and move them down the funnel with additional content or display ads.