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Creating and managing brand ambassadors has always been a marketing fantasy. The logistical nightmare of managing that many brand ambassadors made it cost prohibitive, difficult to control consistent and appropriate messaging and arduous to measure.

Wish there was an easy and effective way to empower your employees and top customers to talk about your organization on social media?

Now, with the awesome power of Social Horse Power, you can create and manage hundreds of thousands of social media brand ambassadors from one central location.

No stress - just your message, on brand, on time, every time.

Using Social Horse Power, you can:

Attract New Customers – Easily implement social selling techniques to attract new customers.

Amplify Your Message – Give customer the information they need to make a purchase, through a voice they trust.

Influence Their Audience – Transform your employees into industry thought leaders in the eyes of friends and family, driving sales.

Control the Message – No more begging! Now you can control the messaging, frequency and network.

Identify Top Performers – Killer analytics show you who your most influential brand ambassadors are.

Get More Results – Social Horse Power is proven to increase customer retention, referrals and revenue.

More clicks, more likes, more sales – we can prove it.