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  • Teachable Moments From the Skip Gates Incident...these accounts are neither "personal nor individual," but rather a "structural or social reality or condition." "It's not personal, it's business" Wise added.
  • Bucking China's One-Child Policy Marketing in China's smallest cities and towns remains a mystery to many advertisers in the mainland. Consumers in China's fourth-tier towns to sixth-tier villages account for 37% of the country's population, but those markets have notably different consumer cultures and retail landscapes. To make sense of the challenges facing multinationals as well as Chinese companies, read an excerpt from a book, "China Beyond," published by Ogilvy & Mather about consumers, brands, communication and retail opportunities in China's lower tier markets.
  • Hispanics Face Discrimination Even Among Their Own...parents' social status, regardless of what the candidate's U.S. social reality is. This stems from country-of-origin practices that prioritize a more...
  • Praise for Disney, Goldman, Equality-Leading Companies...corporate atmosphere. Still, more companies than ever are awakening to the social reality in which they operate, and feel inclined to undertake grand gestures of...