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  • CPG
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TDA is a small full-service agency based in Colorado. 

At TDA we're proud to be small. Small is nimble. Small operates in real time without unnecessary layers. Small has smaller egos. It answers the phone when you call and says thank you to its employees and its partners. Small sees everything as an opportunity. Because small hasn't forgotten where it comes from or where it’s going. And no matter how big small gets, it will always be small. We help brands win disproportionately. We look for the thing that make a brand positively charged. Because we believe by focusing on the goodness, together we can best solve any brand challenge. Ascent Protein, Chipotle, Deschutes Brewery, FirstBank, French’s, IZZE, Justin’s Nut Butter, L.L. Bean, Merrick Pet Care, and Patagonia are a few of our partners.

Be small with us.