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Similar to a five-set championship match at a Grand Slam, Tennis Channel has a “Best of Five” winning strategy that scores for clients. The network is in a unique position to consistently offer live programming, an affluent audience, equal male and female viewers, hardworking spots and new consumer strategies in the mobile and connected TV space.

There’s no question that the largest viewership numbers in live television traditionally come from sporting events. Tennis Channel’s daylong “Center Court” studio follows simultaneous tournaments and brings Grand Slam-style coverage all year round, helping to draw some of the highest television ratings in the industry. Adding to the network’s strong ratings are tennis superstars such as Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic, who, along with others in the Top 10, competed for a total of 1,403 hours on Tennis Channel in 2014. This is more than double the total tennis coverage of all other networks put together (live and encore telecasts).

The people tuning in to Tennis Channel are a coveted, upscale audience made up of power consumers. The network consistently ranks No. 1 in household income across top sources such as Ipsos Affluent Study and Rentrak. Tennis Channel viewers watch and play the sport. They are affluent, typically lifelong fans/players, evenly balanced between men and women, and are racially diverse.

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