The Now Corporation

  • 7 W. 22nd St., 6th Floor
  • (5th & 6th Avenue)
  • New York, NY 10010
  • 212-367-7373

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  • People news from O&M NY, Firstborn and more....been exhibited at the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh. NY post studio, the Now Corporation, has added editors Dave Herman, Ed McGowan and David Bruce Bates...
  • People news from Mullen, Crossroads and more...motion design company Version2 hired editor Jane Keller, who was most recently at the Now Corporation and Company X, both also based in New York.
  • MOVERS: People news from Taxi, Trone, creative director and associate creative director, respectively. ... New York's the now corporation made editor Jesse Reisner a partner in the creative editorial boutique...
  • Editors Romp at Trailer Park '06...a Bollywood spectacle. Judges Chris Franklin of BigSky, Owen Plotkin of the Now Corporation, Lin Polito of Jump and Rob Totoriello of also...
  • The Kafka QuestionnaireOwen Plotkin President/CEO The Now Corporation, N.Y. How much did you miss NHL hockey? About as much as I miss Abe Hirschfeld. Did...