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  • U.S.
  • CPG
  • Financial services
  • Consumer electronics
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  • Business-to-business
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  • Full-service Creative


Traction won Silver for Ad Age Small Agency of the Year on the West Coast in 2013. We are an agency at the intersection of psychology and technology. We understand why ideas work and we understand how ideas work. The result is ideas that work.

We are an interactive agency in every sense of the word. More than digital, we fully engage every medium necessary to transform human behavior into consumer action. We believe everything is interactive.


In the mind of the consumer, every brand gets to be one thing. We help brands uncover their one thing and use that as the basis for planning creative, technology and media programs.


We have been developing integrated creative since we were founded in 2001. We build brands, develop multichannel campaigns and design digital experiences. We tell stories across channels that are disarmingly honest, emotionally resonant, and beautifully designed.


We build stuff. Not through outsourced partners. Development is in our DNA. We are a catalyst for innovation for our clients because if we can dream it, we can make sure it's viable and then build it.


Today, ideas are only as good as their execution. We bring media thinking into the creative ideas we bring to our clients, even the technology we develop for them.

• Adam Kleinberg, CEO/founder
• Theo Fanning, Executive Creative Director/founder
• Paul Giese, Technology Director/founder
• Jabeen Yusuf, Strategy Director
• Sean Millis, Project Management Director
• Abe Snyder, Media Director
• Susan Murphy, CFO

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