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At the XO we believe that a fragmented marketing strategy is a waste of resources and opportunities. We believe in managing the entire digital ecosystem for our clients. Each client goes through a comprehensive audit of current efforts, customer acquisition process, sales process and competitor & market analysis. We then implement a fully custom approach to creating awareness, intent, conversion and loyalty for our client. That sequential objective is exactly what the XO Ecosystems are build to accomplish.

At the center of our ecosystems is the analytics implementation on all managed properties across all platforms (i.e. website, social media, email marketing, advertisements, etc.) and an analytics dashboard that advises all our optimization and scaling efforts. We then proceed to build an extensive awareness ecosystem that spans social media (backed by XO social discovery technology), community forums, ad campaigns, content marketing for SEO and technical SEO implementation.

The initial awareness phase is also a massive a/b testing playground where we are analyzing engagements and conversion events stemming from awareness triggers of high variance (within client's branding) and carefully calculated conversion trigger a/b testing. Our ecosystems them become a living organism that keep learning from the optimal target audience (sometimes different that client original target audience assumption) and feed information into live chat, webinar, email