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Upgrade Your Listing

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Quick: What does your brand stand for?

If you can’t answer that, it means consumers can’t, either. Which means you’re losing money, at this very moment, to competitors who can articulate what they stand for.

Let’s be clear: Uncovering this truth isn’t easy. It means making some difficult choices. It means honing in on the one thing that makes your brand great—at the expense of many other things that might be very good.

But it’s worth it.

Because once you’ve planted your stake in the ground, you create something that no one can take away: an identity.

And it’s this core identity—not a print ad or billboard—that gives consumers an emotional attachment to your brand. That creates true, lasting success that isn’t dependent on how successful (or not) your last promotion was. Or how viral (or not) your last video was.

Y&L is built to help brands take this leap.

We help them discover (or re-discover) this hard-to-pin-down thing that is not only their reason for being—but also their ultimate competitive advantage.

We help brands take a stand.