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The most diverse states in the nation are in the West and South regions. In the West California, Hawaii and New Mexico are the nationÕs most diverse states. In those three states, plus Texas, White, non-Hispanics are just another minority at only 43% of all consumers. But in the rest of the nation they over 70% of all consumers and in the two least diverse states, Maine and Vermont, White, non-Hispanics are 95% of all consumers. ItÕs not just a coincidence that Maine and Vermont are also the nationÕs two oldest states in terms of median age.

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The median age of the majority White, non-Hispanic consumers is 41.2 years old. By contrast the median age of Hispanic consumers is only 27.4 and the African-American median age is 31.3 years. What this means is that 80% of consumers ages 65 or older are White, non-Hispanics, but thatÕs true for only 55% of children. Within a decade no race or ethnic category will describe a majority of children.

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