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Is the Lance Armstrong name damaged beyond repair for brands?


  • Yes
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Is the No Excuses brand still kicking around?
If we were working with Lance we would try to line him up with brands that have endured through false negative press and brands that have sustained through harsh times. Do you all agree?
every brand wants a liar, cheater and megelomaniac as the face of it's brand. he did show organization skills...maybe Fox News can get him to blame everything on Obama.
Brands and corporations often have an opportunity to bounce back from negative press and accusations due to their status as entities, rather than individuals. I think as humans we are customer to corporations doing bad, but are less wiling forgive other individuals for doing bad. \\nI think it will take a lot more than a crisis communications campaign to restore Lance\'s image, if it can ever recover.
I don\\\\\\\'t care about his Nike job. I hope the foundation doesn\\\\\\\'t suffer, it stands for such good things, regardless of the past.
Stick a fork in him
Is he the fall guy?
Guess the folks he inspired and changed are back to square one. Bad can come from good and good can come from bad. if thats a universal law, then I guess Nike should sell out their brand marque to some chinese billionaire who can leverage \\\"the good that can\\\'t be erased\\\" for Nike and \\\"The world loves giving second chances\\\" for Armstrong....or is that Obama? Hmmmm...
First off, as somebody who follows the sport closely, his doping is hardly news and its relevation has been coming for a long time. Either Lance has the worst PR advisors on the planet, or he's ignoring their advice. He has a very clear way out of this that could salvage his reputation, yet he refuses to take it. If he were to admit his doping guilt, with the caveat that the entire sport was corrupt at the time, apologize to his fans, and then focus almost completely on his Livestrong efforts, he'd get a pass with most of the public in the US who don't follow cycling as a sport anyway. As for Livestong, if he donated funds to set up a special foundation to explore performance enhancing drug use in youth athletics (or something similar), he could turn this thing completely around. Now that he's stepped down from Livestrong, however, that ship might have already sailed.
I see a lot of sarcasm from the comments posted. I have nothing snarky to office, perhaps because I take this quite personally. I\\\'m disappointed both as a former competitive cyclist, and as a cancer survivor for whom LA meant so much. My conclusion: there are charitable organizations other than Livestrong to support, and I think I\\\'m done as a fan of cycling.
Lance Armstrong's opportunities for product endorsement seems limited to Colombian drug cartels at this point.\n\nHis name is poison to any respectable organization. A fitness company using his name is about as logical as an investment firm hiring Bernie Madoff as a spokesman.
Mr. Armstrong is a winner who did whatever it took to win. He is also a survivor. I suspect he will remain an icon to many consumers, His recognition stems from persistence, effort and risk taking. Will the hero flaw prove fatal? Short term maybe, long term I think not. Gutless brands may scatter but this guy is a proven winner. It may take a little time to peddle over the PR mountain but a brand with his kind of fortitude will be in for a very good ride.
Like Tiger Woods, this is a major blow for the integrity of personal brands and raises the risk for marketers. Who can you trust?
The whole story: as American as apple pie.
It will be a good turnaround story just like Tiger. For now he's damaged good even for live strong.
Absolutly, even Nike should be worried about the damages to their brand
His doping isn't what worries me, it is all the various witness intimidation and bullying that is coming out through the USADA case. It just makes him look like a horrible person.
Mr. Armstrong is going to end up just another sad joke in the history books, yet again proving that if it looks too good to be true, it really in fact, is too good to be true. If he makes money for someone in the future...yeah sure, anyone can polish a turd enough for it to shine a little, yet it'll still smell the same.
I am not sure his brand is destroyed. Infact, I have a new bracelet idea --- "LieStrong". Think about how many bracelets there are sitting in warehouses and all we'd need to do is take out a "v"!
Toxic until he comes clean. The longer he perpetuates his claims of innocence the longer he is toxic. (Even when resigning from the Livestrong Foundation, he did not come clean or apologize.) We are a forgiving society, and with a clean page and acknowledgment that he screwed up, Lance may again be usable as an endorser. Not until then, and then only maybe...
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