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Want a Job in China?

By: Bryce Whitwam on January 12, 2010

Bryce Whitwam SHANGHAI (AdAgeChina.com) -- Like many agency directors, I've recently been inundated with resumes from wannabe expatriates who are either unemployed back home...

What Chinese Retailers Get Wrong

By: Bryce Whitwam on August 25, 2010

...The focus has been more on making a presence and relying on organic growth rather than driving profitability, says Wunderman's Bryce Whitwam in Shanghai.

Are Auto Shows Worthwhile?

By: Bryce Whitwam on December 10, 2008

Are Chinese auto shows worthwhile? Yes, says Wunderman's Bryce Whitwam, if car marketers focus more on longterm branding and less on aggressive sales and...

Want a Job in China?

By: Bryce Whitwam on January 06, 2010

Interested in working for an agency in China? Here are 10 important tips to make it a reality, says Bryce Whitwam at Wunderman, Shanghai.