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KFC Results Leave Ad Age With a Helping of Crow

By: Emily Bryson York on July 15, 2009

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- KFC's launch of grilled chicken was widely pilloried by the advertising community for staid creative that asks consumers to "unthink" the brand, by marketers who claimed consumers might never make the switch and by PR pros for its ham-handed execution of an Oprah-promoted giveaway. Advertising Age even projected that the launch may "go down as a case study of what not to do." But KFC may have the last laugh.

Why Pizza Giants Want Customers to Click, Not Call, for Delivery

By: Emily Bryson York on April 20, 2009

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- The major pizza chains now do 20% to 30% of their business online, but they want that figure to climb a lot higher, to 50%. Getting there will take some doing, but the journey offers lessons for other marketers also seeking to build their business online: Know your customers, make it easy and offer incentives.

General Mills Sees Profits Climb 49%

By: Emily Bryson York on December 17, 2009

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- General Mills confounded Wall Street this morning, with profits up 49%. Part of the food company's secret sauce is meaningful marketing increases, about 37% for the most recent quarter. Augmenting its well-worn strategy of supporting big-name brands, General Mills has focused ad dollars on "high ROI areas," such as multicultural consumers and the digital space.

Tech Savvy Is No Replacement for Good Networking

By: Emily Bryson York on November 05, 2007

YORK, Pa. (Adage.com) -- While the print résumé is dying, or already dead, recruiters at major advertising firms caution against going for broke with technology...

What the Weight-Loss Biz Has in Store for 2010

By: Emily Bryson York on January 11, 2010

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- The recession is slimming down the diet business. The industry has taken a beating as high-priced diet programs lose subscribers...