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Package-Goods Marketers Vow to Boost Spending

By: Emily Bryson York on February 18, 2010

...a rare point of agreement at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference this week: the need for continued increases in marketing support. Marketers...

Starbucks Warms Up to Idea of Advertising

By: Emily Bryson York on November 26, 2007

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- In a huge turnabout, Starbucks, which that boasted it didn't need to advertise, has launched its first national TV campaign. The legendary brand says it's necessary for long-term growth, but some observers believe the campaign is exactly what it doesn't need to assure its future.

McLouvre? We're Lovin' It

By: Emily Bryson York on October 05, 2009

Behind the obligatory Euro-grousing about American brands taking over the world, there are some pretty persuasive numbers pointing to the fact that Europeans actually like eating in McDonald's.

Former Starbucks VP Strikes Out on His Own

By: Emily Bryson York on April 22, 2008

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- Stanley Hainsworth, VP-global creative at Starbucks, has left to start his own agency, Tether. The Seattle-based company will focus on branding, advertising and digital work.

Starbucks' 4Q Profit Down 97%, Same-Store Sales Drop 8%

By: Emily Bryson York on November 10, 2008

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- Restructuring costs took a bite out of Starbucks' fiscal fourth-quarter and full-year profits, the retailer reported today. Fourth-quarter earnings plummeted 97%, to $5 million, from $159 million in the year-ago period. The figure includes a $105 million charge for restructuring and other costs associated with the company's turnaround plan. Full-year earnings also fell, 53%, to $316 million, from $673 million last year.

Motivation Show Could've Used Some Motivation

By: Emily Bryson York on September 27, 2007

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- A word to the organizers of the 74th annual Motivation Show: A show's name shouldn't set the bar above what's deliverable.

Why the Coffee Kings Are Losing Their Power

By: Emily Bryson York on August 20, 2007

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- How is it that Maxwell House and Folgers, a decade ago the unrivaled kings of coffee, ended up on the back burner? The short answer is Starbucks -- or, more accurately, a cultural shift in how Americans drink coffee that has largely been driven by its ilk. Although Folgers and Maxwell House still control the bulk of supermarket ground-coffee sales, the total $29 billion coffee industry has become more about grabbing a paper cup on the way to work rather than brewing coffee at home.

Mars-Wrigley Combo: Better or Just Bigger?

By: Emily Bryson York on May 05, 2008

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- What could the candy titan resulting from the $23 billion merger of Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. and Mars bring the world? Chocolate gum. That was one reporter's joking suggestion at a press conference announcing the combination that will create the planet's largest confectionary company. Wrigley CEO Bill Perez chuckled but did not rule it out.

No Offense, but This Guy's Got Your Number

By: Emily Bryson York on March 02, 2009

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- Burger King chief marketer Russ Klein, the man who brought you "Whopper Virgins" and Facebook's "Whopper Sacrifice," says he's not out to offend people; he wants to forge emotional bonds with consumers based on areas of tension.