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BMW Germany Makes Logo Appear Inside Cinema Audience's Eyelids

By: Emma Hall on December 21, 2010

LONDON (AdAge.com) -- BMW Germany is literally getting into consumer's heads, by burning its logo onto the insides of their eyes. Using pioneering new "flash projection" technology, BMW is testing a cinema spot in Germany that does not feature a visible logo. Instead, a bright photo flash occurs during the ad, and a few moments later the audience is asked to close its eyes.

Consumer Creates Pringles' Christmas Day Spot

By: Emma Hall on December 19, 2007

LONDON (AdAge.com) -- Procter & Gamble Co.'s Pringles brand will air a consumer-created ad made for just $600 during a prime-time slot on Christmas Day that could potentially reach about 10 million holiday viewers.

Half of Global Marketers Say Procurement Execs Get Marketing

By: Emma Hall on December 22, 2010

LONDON (AdAge.com) -- Marketers don't see procurement officers as cost-cutting villains. According to research by the World Federation of Advertisers, their number one goal is to build relationships, and the idea that procurement focuses only on cost is out of date and inaccurate. The WFA asked 85 marketers responsible for budgets totaling $50 billion a year to rank their procurement priorities.