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EU Rules EBay Can Buy L'Oreal Search Terms but Not Sell Free Samples

By: Emma Hall on December 09, 2010

LONDON (AdAge.com) --The European Court of Justice has likened eBay to a shopping mall in a judgment Thursday on a legal dispute between eBay and L'Oreal. The ECJ's advocate general, Niilo Jaaskinen, ruled that, just as a shopping mall is not liable for the rotten apples sold by one particular shop, so eBay is not responsible for the counterfeit goods sold through its site. But he took L'Oreal's side by also ruling that the marketer can stop eBay from selling products intended to be distributed as free samples.

Nissan and Renault Debut Almost Identical Electric-Car Ads

By: Emma Hall on May 31, 2011

Rival electric-car makers -- Nissan's Leaf and Renault's ZE -- are airing strikingly similar new commercials based on the idea that electricity is better than gas, illustrated by vignettes from everyday life showing a range of familiar electrical appliances awkwardly powered by gas.