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By: Greg Lindsay on September 27, 2005

PARIS (AdAge.com) -- As far as passengers are concerned, airports have neither a real past nor a future, just a continual present that reliably offers a consistent set of choices -- flight schedules, duty free, fast food -- day after day after day. Airworld is, in a sense, a single, giant franchised operation.

What Happens Here? Fear, Loathing and Marketing in Vegas

By: Greg Lindsay on May 22, 2006

LAS VEGAS (AdAge.com) -- I'm a Las Vegas virgin, and based on what I've heard of the place in the "what happens here, stays here" era, I might be the only virgin of any kind cruising the Strip this week. I've been sent here by my editors to act as a pair of fresh eyes and, hopefully, make a little sense of this spectacle in the brief pause before the city's next critical transformation.