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Las Vegas Turns Inward for Next Act

By: Greg Lindsay on June 05, 2006

LAS VEGAS (AdAge.com) -- In one of the latest 30-second spots touting Las Vegas' motto, "What happens here, stays here," a suave young man is seen testing different identities on the women he meets during a night on the town. "I'm a hand model," he offers, or a lifeguard, or a big-game hunter, or a "brain doctor."

Vegas Part 3: The Ad Agency Behind the Catchphrase

By: Greg Lindsay on May 24, 2006

LAS VEGAS (AdAge.com) -- Billy Vassiliadis is the CEO of R&R Partners, Nevada's largest advertising agency, and has been the id of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority for more than 25 years. It was a pair of R&R copywriters who coined "What happens here, stays here," the ubiquitous catchphrase that first granted visitors permission to (and now dares them to) keep spending money until they are transformed, temporarily, into a wilder, crazier and, to hear Vassiliadis tell it, anesthetized version of themselves.


By: Greg Lindsay on October 17, 2005

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Meredith Corp. Chief Operating Officer Stephen Lacy and publishing group President Jack Griffin have been named Advertising Age's publishing executives of the year.