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By: Greg Lindsay on September 13, 2005

ORLANDO (AdAge.com) -- For my first day's foray into Airworld, I lift off on JetBlue. What better airline to choose for the start of this exploration of the aviation marketing business than the one that has played such a key role in revolutionizing the industry?


By: Greg Lindsay on September 27, 2005

PARIS (AdAge.com) -- As far as passengers are concerned, airports have neither a real past nor a future, just a continual present that reliably offers a consistent set of choices -- flight schedules, duty free, fast food -- day after day after day. Airworld is, in a sense, a single, giant franchised operation.


By: Greg Lindsay on September 13, 2004

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Since buying Hamptons magazine in 1998, Jason Binn has built a pocket publishing empire, Niche Media LLC, by collapsing the distance between his advertisers, his audience and his editorial. In his ultralux universe, all three elements mix liberally and intimately in the same social circles, and more than one role might be played by a single boldfaced name.

Vegas Part 5: Same Old, Same Old on the Strip

By: Greg Lindsay on May 26, 2006

LAS VEGAS (AdAge.com) -- By my fifth day in Las Vegas, I was not, despite Hunter S. Thompson's example, a sleep-deprived, drug-addled freak. If anything, I was actually a little bored. What I really saw during my time here was an infectious degree of sameness. The last decade's luxe lust may have built the city into an adult playpen, but for anyone from New York or Los Angeles or San Francisco, the net effect has been to bring Las Vegas more up to par with those cities while sweeping away all of its sandy grit. For example, not only could I find the same luxury brands in the Forum Shops that I could in New York, I could also find them again half a mile up the Strip in the Fashion Show Mall.

What Happens Here? Fear, Loathing and Marketing in Vegas Part 2

By: Greg Lindsay on May 23, 2006

LAS VEGAS (AdAge.com) -- On Monday morning, I set out into the Forum Shops at Caesars to see the largest watch store in the world, Tourneau's 18,000 square-foot "Time Dome." While there, Tourneau Exec VP Andrew Block, like a proud papa, revealed that the Time Dome, which opened a year ago in February, was already poised to outstrip the company's "Time Machine" store on 57th Street in Manhattan, which turns 10 next year and sits next door to Tiffany & Co.

Vegas Part 3: The Ad Agency Behind the Catchphrase

By: Greg Lindsay on May 24, 2006

LAS VEGAS (AdAge.com) -- Billy Vassiliadis is the CEO of R&R Partners, Nevada's largest advertising agency, and has been the id of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority for more than 25 years. It was a pair of R&R copywriters who coined "What happens here, stays here," the ubiquitous catchphrase that first granted visitors permission to (and now dares them to) keep spending money until they are transformed, temporarily, into a wilder, crazier and, to hear Vassiliadis tell it, anesthetized version of themselves.