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The (Big) Trouble With SXSW

By: Ian Schafer on March 19, 2010

Ian Schafer I've been going to the South by Southwest conference (SXSW) for several years now, and every year it gets bigger. This year...

10 Ways to Not Be a Jerk at SXSW

By: Ian Schafer on March 10, 2010

Ian Schafer Let's say that your boss is cool enough to pay your way to SXSW this year. Whether it's your first time...

Zynga-Facebook Deal Seals Platform Match

By: Irina Slutsky on May 24, 2010

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Zynga and Facebook officially tied the knot last week in a pact that keeps Zynga's popular games such as Farmville on Facebook and quells rumors that the gaming company will split from the social network to compete with Facebook for users and their time.

Is This the Dawn of the Facebook Credit Economy?

By: Ian Schafer on May 20, 2010

Ian Schafer If you start looking closely, there have been a series of developments that are pointing to Facebook Credits , Facebook's "virtual" currency, becoming...