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Why Prefab Failed... Again

By: Ivy Chuang on June 16, 2009

...last week, that one of the most well-known players in the prefab housing industry was shuttering its doors. So what happened? By Ivy Chuang

Prefab Gets Back Up

By: Ivy Chuang on November 03, 2009

...her company's closing in May. A couple points she emphasized: 1) It's all about scale. 2) Don't give up. By Ivy Chuang

Hand Craft

By: Ivy Chuang on May 27, 2009

...democratic? It could be that it requires a mass production partner. Take Hella Jongerius' wall coverings for the 2009 IKEA PS Collection. By Ivy Chuang

Design as Social Protest

By: Ivy Chuang on June 24, 2009

...ways that designers can motivate people to act on this issue? How can the power of design be harnessed to ignite change? By Ivy Chuang