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CMO Issues That Just Won't Die

By: Jennifer Rooney on December 17, 2007

...offices have other issues on their minds along with job security. Jennifer Rooney, editor of Ad Age's CMO Strategy, takes a look at other...

Realizing Real Estate Dreams Amid Recession

By: Jennifer Rooney on March 09, 2009

The two things consumers aren't buying right now? Houses and cars. But Coldwell Banker's Michael Fischer has had to lead marketing efforts for both. And he's unfazed

GE's Dan Henson Redefines CMO Role

By: Jennifer Rooney on May 21, 2007

...a GE reorganization led to Mr. Henson's being named CMO. Jennifer Rooney spoke with him about his qualifications and how he's redefining his...

Galuppo Keeps Laser Focus at Core of Global Campaign

By: Jennifer Rooney on July 27, 2009

Marketing a brand consistently and globally but still being effective at the local level and in the midst of a global recession has become a complex challenge for Western Union's Exec VP-CMO Gail Galuppo.

Why TV, and Why Now, for Vistaprint

By: Jennifer Rooney on July 22, 2010

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Online printer and direct marketer Vistaprint recently tried TV for the first time, and CMO Trynka Shineman explains why.

Do You Have What It Takes to Dodge Layoffs?

By: Jennifer Rooney on November 18, 2009

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Industry layoffs are rampant; colleagues are dropping like flies. Still, some stand the test of time and circumstance. Who are these people, and what skills and qualities are keeping them in the mix? Donald Minnick, a clinical psychologist and organization consultant, set out to answer that question in his new book, "Survive Downsizing: How to Keep Your Job and Become Indispensable to Your Company."

March of Dimes Raises Prematurity Awareness Post-Rebrand

By: Jennifer Rooney on September 27, 2010

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- In an interview with Ad Age, March of Dimes marketing Senior VP Doug Staples talked about the latest campaign, for which he had a $300,000 production budget but no media-buying budget; how he measures ROI of outreach efforts; and what challenges, as well as opportunities, he has that for-profit CMOs might not.