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Why InterContinental Chose to Relaunch Holiday Inn

By: Jennifer Rooney on August 27, 2009

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- In a recent interview with Advertising Age, InterContinental Hotels Group CMO Tom Seddon discussed why IHG chose to relaunch Holiday Inn, how the recession's impacted plans and why the brand doesn't rely on traditional media.

Big Ass Fans Keeps Its Cool as It Moves Into Consumer Market

By: Jennifer Rooney on December 13, 2010

He used to market Puffs Plus. Now he's marketing Big Ass Fans. Such is the adaptability of Al Barlow, chief marketing officer of the Lexington, Ky.-based industrial-size, 100% U.S.-made ceiling-fan manufacturer. And if overseeing marketing for a company with such a provocative moniker didn't make his life interesting enough, he's now overseeing the company's new push to sell to consumers.

Small Agency Bloggers Talk Midsize Business

By: Jennifer Rooney on July 12, 2010

Ad Age Insights surveyed several of Ad Age's Small Agency Diary bloggers, who are leaders in the world of smaller clients with big concerns. We asked each of them the same five questions.

Marty Homlish Knows Why CMOs Don't Last

By: Jennifer Rooney on April 07, 2008

SAP AG Global Chief Marketing Officer Martin Homlish sat down for an exclusive interview with Ad Age to discuss his tenure, the critical issues for which CMOs are responsible within an organization, the talent required to staff an effective marketing organization, and why and how marketing must be a fundamental cornerstone of any business.

Budgets, Innovation Squarely in CMOs' Sights in 2011

By: Jennifer Rooney on January 10, 2011

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- In 2011, CMOs will continue to push their organizations to experiment and innovate -- but they'll do it with a sharp eye on return on investment. Maximizing budget, fostering innovation and building an adaptable marketing organization top the list of priorities for chief marketing officers as they move into 2011, according to an exclusive survey from Advertising Age and Forrester's CMO Group.

How to Target the World's 'Alpha Consumers': Women

By: Jennifer Rooney on June 17, 2009

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Women are arguably the world's most powerful consumers. So why do marketers still fall short in reaching them? Bridget Brennan, CEO of Female Factor and author of "Why She Buys" sat down with Ad Age recently to discuss the still-untapped marketing opportunity in targeting "the alpha consumers of planet Earth," as she calls them: women.

Galuppo Keeps Laser Focus at Core of Global Campaign

By: Jennifer Rooney on July 27, 2009

Marketing a brand consistently and globally but still being effective at the local level and in the midst of a global recession has become a complex challenge for Western Union's Exec VP-CMO Gail Galuppo.

Embracing Innovation, Walgreens CMO Learns From Mistakes

By: Jennifer Rooney on October 11, 2010

In a recent interview for the Google and Wharton School of Business initiative called Fast.Forward , Kim Feil, CMO of Walgreens, talked about being very "thoughtful" when it comes to mobile messaging to consumers, as well as the smart marketing risks Walgreens will take in 2011.