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You Can't HANDLE a Bigger Logo!

By: John Obrecht on October 26, 2007

Many thanks to mcbrublog for providing a YouTube link to "A Few Good Creative Men," a classic send up of creative departments using footage from "A Few Good Men." It's a hoot.

At the IAB annual: Going mobile a key theme

By: John Obrecht on February 28, 2011

La Quinta, Calif.—Advertisers and publishers must aggressively pursue new opportunities in the mobile space, Bob Carrigan, the new chairman of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, said Sunday in his opening remarks at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting here.

ABM forum focuses on changing workplace

By: John Obrecht on November 18, 2013

Marion Minor, CEO of Specialty Information Media, said it's important to assess the engagement level of employees, especially long-term ones, and retain “those people who are interested in growing themselves and growing our brands,” she said.

IAB members heed call to action

By: John Obrecht on March 18, 2013

At last year's Interactive Advertising Bureau Annual Leadership Meeting—held in late February in Miami Beach, Fla., as the political campaign season heated up—IAB President-CEO Randall Rothenberg blasted the organization's members for their lack of involvement in public policy initiatives.