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Going mobile

By: Jon VanZile on December 05, 2011

Mobile devices and mobile marketing are surging; but, when it comes to b-to-b marketing, no one seems exactly sure where that's heading.

Handling feedback

By: Jon VanZile on January 03, 2011

It’s every marketer’s nightmare—an angry customer takes to Twitter or YouTube, and their rant is just original or funny enough to go viral.

Plan a successful product launch

By: Jon VanZile on November 08, 2010

Mitchell Harper, co-CEO of BigCommerce doesn’t like to spend too much money on product launches for a very good reason: His company has a major product debut every three months or so.

Scoring email leads

By: Jon VanZile on January 09, 2012

After a decade of blistering growth, Pyramid Consulting reached a point that will be familiar to many marketers: it was time to formalize and organize its lead-generation system.

Facebook: The latest b-to-b frontier?

By: Jon VanZile on October 11, 2010

Michele Wickum’s company doesn’t seem like a natural fit for Facebook marketing at first —Wickum is the marketing director at SteelMaster Buildings, which produces corrugated steel buildings and roofing.