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Venetta Linas Paris

By: Jon VanZile on June 10, 2013

Title: Marketing manager-global interactive marketing Company: Aon Years in current job: 2 If Venetta Linas Paris could ask for one thing in terms of digital marketing, it would be a “constantly evolving yet singular dashboard.” Here's why: Marketing is changing in fundamental ways, and with a far-flung marketing operation that includes thousands of employees around the world, it is a constant challenge for Paris and her team to stay abreast of the tens of thousands of daily interactions between Aon and its customers and prospects.

Video marketing: Short and sweet

By: Jon VanZile on June 11, 2012

Eric Wittlake, director of media for digital marketing company Babcock & Jenkins, has a word of advice for companies considering making a video as part of a b-to-b marketing campaign: “You can have a 30-minute video; just say everything you want in the first two minutes.” Nick Davis took that advice to heart when his software company teamed up with video-marketing expert Bob Leonard of acSellerant to produce a sales video.

Plan a successful product launch

By: Jon VanZile on November 08, 2010

Mitchell Harper, co-CEO of BigCommerce doesn’t like to spend too much money on product launches for a very good reason: His company has a major product debut every three months or so.

Micromarketing with IP addresses

By: Jon VanZile on February 14, 2011

Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase said he thinks online b-to-b marketing today is being delivered with a sledgehammer when a dart is all that's needed. To help b-to-b marketers better target their potential customers, his company has developed a Web-based technology that tracks IP addresses and matches them to specific companies. This allows marketers to recognize the company, department and even customer status of a website visitor in real time.

Webinars: Are they worth it?

By: Jon VanZile on July 19, 2010

Howard Sewell runs a marketing company—Spear Marketing Group, in Walnut Creek, Calif.—that helps b-to-b companies increase webinar registration.

Handling feedback

By: Jon VanZile on January 03, 2011

It’s every marketer’s nightmare—an angry customer takes to Twitter or YouTube, and their rant is just original or funny enough to go viral.

Video 'short-shorts': A good fit for marketing?

By: Jon VanZile on July 10, 2013

Last month, the popular photo-sharing service Instagram, owned by Facebook Inc., sent a shiver through the social media world when it added short-form video to its service. The move put Instagram's 15-second video clips in direct competition with the other short-form video service, Twitter Inc.'s 6-second Vine program.