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Small-business social: Start small, stay focused

By: Jon VanZile on February 01, 2012

Social marketing for large b-to-b companies is a no-brainer nowadays, especially if that kind of company has the kind of resources it takes to hire dedicated social marketers and the infrastructure to manage dozens of blogs, posts and tweets all at once.

Going mobile

By: Jon VanZile on December 05, 2011

Mobile devices and mobile marketing are surging; but, when it comes to b-to-b marketing, no one seems exactly sure where that's heading.

Rebooting Twitter's analytics

By: Jon VanZile on April 16, 2012

There's no denying Twitter's massive reach into the b-to-b marketing world; but, until recently, it was hard to tell just how far that reach really went if you used Google's analytics to track your Web traffic.

Progressive profiling for quality leads

By: Jon VanZile on February 19, 2013

While collecting prospect data is essential for marketing, marketers need to be wary of overwhelming prospects with requests for information during the lead-generation process.

Measuring your ROI

By: Jon VanZile on June 21, 2010

As far as Ron Helgeson, VP-corporate communications at Sopheon in Minneapolis, sees it, marketing has one main question to answer: “What’s the point?” In other words, why are you spending money and why are you spending it in any particular way?