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Google ups the ante with new social analytics features

By: Jon VanZile on April 11, 2012

When Avinash Kaushik, Google Inc.'s digital marketing evangelist, announced his company's new social metrics functionality at a recent SES Conference & Expo, the event series that focuses on search and social marketing, the idea was to create an immediate ripple throughout the social marketing world.

Rebooting Twitter's analytics

By: Jon VanZile on April 16, 2012

There's no denying Twitter's massive reach into the b-to-b marketing world; but, until recently, it was hard to tell just how far that reach really went if you used Google's analytics to track your Web traffic.

Will Tumblr be the next big thing?

By: Jon VanZile on October 19, 2011

Just when it seemed that the social media marketing scene was settling into a comfortable groove dominated by Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, another platform seems to be popping up with increasing frequency.

Going mobile

By: Jon VanZile on December 05, 2011

Mobile devices and mobile marketing are surging; but, when it comes to b-to-b marketing, no one seems exactly sure where that's heading.

Small-business social: Start small, stay focused

By: Jon VanZile on February 01, 2012

Social marketing for large b-to-b companies is a no-brainer nowadays, especially if that kind of company has the kind of resources it takes to hire dedicated social marketers and the infrastructure to manage dozens of blogs, posts and tweets all at once.

Video 'short-shorts': A good fit for marketing?

By: Jon VanZile on July 10, 2013

Last month, the popular photo-sharing service Instagram, owned by Facebook Inc., sent a shiver through the social media world when it added short-form video to its service. The move put Instagram's 15-second video clips in direct competition with the other short-form video service, Twitter Inc.'s 6-second Vine program.