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Maximizing your list

By: Jon VanZile on March 29, 2010

Ask three experts how many times you can e-mail to the same list and you’re likely to get three answers.

Handling feedback

By: Jon VanZile on January 03, 2011

It’s every marketer’s nightmare—an angry customer takes to Twitter or YouTube, and their rant is just original or funny enough to go viral.

Rebooting Twitter's analytics

By: Jon VanZile on April 16, 2012

There's no denying Twitter's massive reach into the b-to-b marketing world; but, until recently, it was hard to tell just how far that reach really went if you used Google's analytics to track your Web traffic.

Can fewer leads mean more sales?

By: Jon VanZile on June 24, 2013

Christine Nurnberger, VP-marketing at SunGard Availability Services, knew she had a challenge on her hands when she took over the marketing function at the cloud-hosting and disaster-recovery company 18 months ago.

Facebook: The latest b-to-b frontier?

By: Jon VanZile on October 11, 2010

Michele Wickum’s company doesn’t seem like a natural fit for Facebook marketing at first —Wickum is the marketing director at SteelMaster Buildings, which produces corrugated steel buildings and roofing.