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Connecting Over a Cup of Coffee -- and Online

By: Karen Egolf on December 16, 2009

For those who might want to share a virtual cup of coffee, but are too timid to try, Eight O'Clock Coffee is offering a holiday gift: a video that teaches non-Facebook members how to use the social-media network.

Mandela Day Spot Focuses on Helping Hands

By: Karen Egolf on July 15, 2009

This Saturday marks the first Mandela Day, which has been established by nonprofits 46664 and the Nelson Mandela Foundation to urge people around the world to honor Mr. Mandela on his birthday, July 18, through volunteering and community service. Taking part in the campaign, Gotham, New York, joined with Nice Shoes, Red Car NYC, RedHead and Audio Engine to create a pro bono spot.

Turn Helps Nonprofits With Online Campaigns

By: Karen Egolf on October 18, 2010

Hoping to help nonprofits and charities, Turn Inc. has launched Turn Make a Difference , a program to provide these organizations with free ad impressions, ad serving and media fees for their online campaigns.

U.S. Marketers Join the Prince's Rainforests Project

By: Karen Egolf on October 09, 2009

U.S. marketers are getting involved in the Prince's Rainforests Project, an effort organized by the U.K.'s Prince Charles to save the world's remaining rain forests. The project recently debuted a "Rainforest SOS" campaign to draw attention and support for preserving the world's rain forests by sending out the world's biggest SOS before the U.N.'s international climate change meetings in Copenhagen in December.

Holiday Giving Wrap-up: Companies Doing Good

By: Karen Egolf on January 11, 2011

To celebrate the holidays, companies in advertising and marketing around the country decided to forgo traditional holiday gifts, cards and employee parties in favor of giving to those in need.

Aflac Raises $1.16 Million for Children's Cancer Center

By: Karen Egolf on October 09, 2009

Using Facebook, Aflac has raised more than $1.16 million for the Aflac Cancer Center through a matching grant campaign with Causes on Facebook. The effort, the largest sponsored campaign for Causes, resulted in more than 850,000 new members for the Aflac Cancer Center Cause.

Dawn Saves Wildlife -- Online

By: Karen Egolf on September 16, 2009

The Dawn Saves Wildlife campaign has been helping animals online, thanks to Pieces of Flair, a shareable online button created by RockYou, a Redwood, Calif.-based web content creator and distributor. The online program encourages people to join the wildlife conservation effort through Dawn's Everyday Wildlife Champions Facebook page.

Auction for a Mindful Society

By: Karen Egolf on May 26, 2010

Working to expand the practice of mindfulness, the Shambhala Sun Foundation is holding its first Auction for a Mindful Society , with donations from marketers, experts and authors in this area. The auction, which runs through May 31, offers books, mindfulness-oriented products and retreats.