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Consumers Eat Up Meat Marketers' Gourmet Branding

By: Kate Macarthur on May 07, 2007

Consumers might be confused by the nuances that separate Angus, Kobe and other high grades of meat, but they are still willing to pay more for primo proteins -- good news for a $100 billion wholesale-meat industry with notoriously slim margins and growth that limps along at the same rate as the population.

Taco Bell Names New CMO

By: Kate Macarthur on May 04, 2007

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- Taco Bell Corp. has a new chief marketing officer, David Ovens. He will succeed Bill Pearce, who left the Yum Brands chain to start medical-technologies venture.

Coke Stages Massive Management Shakeup

By: Kate Macarthur on March 09, 2007

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- Coca-Cola Co. is undergoing a massive restructuring of its domestic unit that effectively decentralizes the marketing function and transfers power to the brands.