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Marketers embrace digital content testing

By: Kate Maddox on April 09, 2012

As b-to-b marketers expand their use of digital content on websites and in newsletters, ad campaigns and social media channels, they are setting up labs and implementing rigorous testing processes to optimize that content.

Online video ads see big growth

By: Kate Maddox on December 12, 2006

Online video ads, which have slowly been gaining acceptance by advertisers as the technology improves, are poised for significant growth in the next two years, according to a November report by Internet research firm eMarketer.

Matt Belkin of Omniture: Web Analytics is Easy!

By: Kate Maddox on April 04, 2008

Eric Peterson, CEO of WebAnalyticsDemystified, takes issue with a recent blog post by Matt Belkin, VP-consulting at software firm Omniture, who says Web analytics is “easy.” Counters Peterson this week, "But you’re wrong, Matt.

Top 100 Advertisers in B2B Publications

By: Kate Maddox on April 30, 2010

Struggling with the worst economy in decades, the top 100 advertisers in b-to-b print publications cut their ad spending 17.6% last year to an estimated $589.2 million, down from $714.8 million in 2008, according to data from IMS.

Marketers see good things in new year

By: Kate Maddox on December 05, 2003

With an ad recovery finally under way, b-to-b marketers are welcoming 2004 as a year in which they can work with slightly larger marketing budgets and continue to build relationships with customers, investors and business partners. The recovery, signaled by overall ad growth in 2003 of approximately 4.3% and b-to-b ad growth of roughly 3%, will have a positive impact on marketers, media companies, ad agencies and other businesses in the new year. However, even with spending projected to grow in 2004, marketers are being cautious about how they spend.