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Client-side marketer ready to lead BMA

By: Kate Maddox on June 04, 2007

Reflecting the Business Marketing Association's goal of broadening its membership and activities into deeper marketing-driven functions, incoming chairman Keith Pigues is the first client-side marketer who has been elected to lead the association.

Viral, mobile campaigns up

By: Kate Maddox on December 08, 2008

Marketers are also being more strategic about their use of existing technologies in an effort to streamline production and improve marketing efficiencies.

Thomson Reuters unveils brand campaign

By: Kate Maddox on May 05, 2008

To promote its newly merged brand, information company Thomson Reuters has debuted an integrated advertising campaign with the tagline “Knowledge to act.” The campaign, including print, online and outdoor, was developed by Ogilvy North America, New York.

Marketers see good things in new year

By: Kate Maddox on December 05, 2003

With an ad recovery finally under way, b-to-b marketers are welcoming 2004 as a year in which they can work with slightly larger marketing budgets and continue to build relationships with customers, investors and business partners. The recovery, signaled by overall ad growth in 2003 of approximately 4.3% and b-to-b ad growth of roughly 3%, will have a positive impact on marketers, media companies, ad agencies and other businesses in the new year. However, even with spending projected to grow in 2004, marketers are being cautious about how they spend.

Making Sense Out of All This Data!

By: Kate Maddox on January 11, 2010

Buzz marketing expert Paul Dunay admits to his data geekiness in this week's blog, although he was still blown away to read that Americans consume 3.6 zettabytes of total information in their homes (according to the 2009 Report on American Consumers).