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Building corporate brand

By: Kate Maddox on February 14, 2005

As the economy bounces back, many b-to-b publishers are expanding their corporate marketing efforts through increased spending, hiring, new ad programs and strategic partnerships.

ISBM identifies 10 key roles for b-to-b corporate marketers

By: Kate Maddox on May 10, 2012

The role of the corporate marketer is becoming critical to the success of b-to-b organizations, according to a research study from the Institute for the Study of Business Markets at Penn State University and marketing agency Blue Canyon Partners, Evanston, Ill.

Marketing professionals overworked but satisfied

By: Kate Maddox on December 13, 2004

Marketing professionals work too many hours a week, spend too much time putting out "brushfires" and work in understaffed marketing departments-yet a majority are satisfied or very satisfied with their current level of responsibility.

Movéo celebrates 20 years in business

By: Kate Maddox on November 12, 2007

Moveo Integrated Branding, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last month, has grown from a b-to-b agency offering advertising and creative services to one that strives to be a strategic brand partner for its clients. "One of the reasons we've been around so long is that we've allowed our business model to evolve in terms of what our clients need," said Brian Davies, managing partner at Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.-based Moveo.