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Snapple Beverage War Spills Onto Continent

By: Elena Bowes on April 18, 1994

Taking its David vs. Goliath battle from the U.S., upstart marketer Snapple Beverage Corp. is gearing up to roll out its exotic juice and tea-based drinks, such as peach-flavored iced tea and kiwi strawberry punch, to Europe this summer.

Toyota Wins Back Hispanic Drivers With 259,000 Decals

By: Laurel Wentz on November 18, 2010

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Look closely at a Toyota and you may see a bright decal that says "Somos muchos mexicanos. Somos muchos Toyotas," Spanish for "We are many Mexicans. We are many Toyota owners." As Toyota struggled to recover from a drop in sales and reputation due to safety concerns, the car maker's U.S. Hispanic shop, Conill, came up with a simple idea to link Latinos' pride in their heritage with pride in being a Toyota owner.