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Where Did All the Money Go?

By: Matt Carmichael on October 28, 2010

Using the IRS database, we analyzed the migration of people and the migration of money between 2007 and 2008. What does it mean for the realignment of markets?

Half of Media-Buying Agencies See Spending Flat in 2011

By: Matt Carmichael on October 18, 2010

Half of media buying agencies see spending flat in 2011 in a quarterly survey provided to AdAgeStat. Other key findings in digital, mobile, and social media advertising are discussed.

27 Twitter-Ready Consumer Trends You Need to Know

By: Matt Carmichael on October 20, 2010

In honor of World Statistics Day, we spent the day buried in the 2009 American Community Survey data from the Census, and some other favorite sources. Here are some Twitter-ready demographic and consumer trends with fairly obvious marketing implications.