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The Demographics of Social Media

By: Matt Carmichael on May 16, 2011

In this week's Ad Age, we collected a lot of social media demographics based on actual user profiles, not just web traffic. But knowing how you love to pass around your #infographics we thought we'd pull it all into one handy file for you with an embed code. And also knowing how you like deep-dive data, here's a more detailed table of the age breakdowns of Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn.

The Agency World, When Men Were 'Mad'

By: Matt Carmichael on July 23, 2010

As Mad Men's fourth season debuts on Sunday (just in case anyone didn't know that) here's a quick look at the advertising world by the numbers in 1964.

Global Consumers Have a Better Outlook Than Those in the U.S.

By: Matt Carmichael on November 09, 2010

Edgy consumers in the U.S. aren't particularly hopeful that the economy will improve in the near term. They are an unhappy island in a hemisphere of optimism. Canadian and South American consumers feel that the best is yet to come, according to new research from global survey provider Synovate.