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Where the Babies Are

By: Matt Carmichael on October 26, 2010

Demographics matter and not just the biggies like age, gender, race and income. Here are some useful data points to consider when planning your expansion or your marketing plans. There's a lot of market potential landing in the fly-over states these days.

Should you redesign?

By: Matt Carmichael on June 01, 1997

As the Web matures, more and more marketers are faced with the challenge of redesigning their Web sites -- a trend that will only increase as both Netscape and Microsoft

Congress Is Threatening Your Market Data

By: Matt Carmichael on June 01, 2011

This is part two of the AdAgeStat Q&A with Census Director Robert Groves. This section will get a little geekier, but when talking to the head of the Census, how else would you expect an AdAgeStat Q&A to roll?

To Reach Mom, Go Mobile

By: Matt Carmichael on April 05, 2011

More than half of mothers surveyed in a recent study said they purchased a smartphone as a direct result of becoming a mom. Here's how it's changing their lives and shopping habits.