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Walmart Needs to Go Back to Social-Media School

By: Matt Carmichael on August 10, 2010

Mountain View, Calif.-based NetBase tomorrow will release its latest Brand Passion Index with a focus on consumer sentiment around major retailers who are hoping to cash in on the annual educational binge known as "Back-to-School." The data show not just what retailers consumers are talking about, but what they're saying.

Yelp Is Great, but We Still Trust Our Family More

By: Matt Carmichael on December 08, 2010

Getting in the social-media conversation is important for marketers because not only do consumers ask for family's opinions, they listen to them. Nearly 90% said that family recommendations had an impact on purchases, edging out friends -- and reviews, which also play a role in the process.

Time to build

By: Matt Carmichael on May 14, 2001

With the markets in flux, and the dot-com economy suffering most of all, Web development costs have sharply declined, according to BtoB’s

Gap and Starbucks Logo Changes: The Social-Media Reaction

By: Matt Carmichael on January 18, 2011

In the real world, it's often a little fuzzy what impact a logo change has on a brand and to what extent. But in the social-media world we have sentiment analysis in real time to shade in some of the gray areas for us. NetBase did some research for us comparing the recent high-profile logo changes at Gap and Starbucks. Here's what they found.

Wanna Know 'What Women Want'? Read On

By: Matt Carmichael on August 16, 2010

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- Paco Underhill knows more about women than most men do. As the founder, CEO and president of Envirosell, he has spent decades methodically studying the habits of consumer behavior. In a world of almost no female CEOs in retail and finance, Mr. Underhill spoke to Ad Age about how designing products and campaigns for women is changing.